children in early education

Early education is for children before they start reception class at Primary school.  Early education may also be known as nursery or pre school, early learning.

Apply for a London Borough of Redbridge primary school nursery place  

Primary school nurseries admit children from the age of three to four. Just because your child has a place at a Redbridge Primary school nursery does not mean that they are automatically entitled to a place at that Primary school. You will still need to apply for the Primary School place. Primary school nurseries operate during term time only of which 15 hours of each week is free. After 15 hours you may need to pay, but you will need to speak to the nursery.   

Apply for a nursery place that is not run by a Redbridge School

To apply to a nursery not set in a Redbridge Primary school for example an independent school nursery or private day nursery please speak to Families Information Direct

About free early education places

Every three and four year old in England is entitled during term time to 15 hours of free early education per week.

If your child is born between 1 April and 31 August they are entitled to a free place from 1 September after their third birthday.

If your child is born between 1 September and 31 December they are entitled to a free place from 1 January after their third birthday.

If your child is born between 1 January and 31 March they are entitled to a free place from 1 April after their third birthday.


If you require any other type of childcare please contact Families Information Direct to discuss your options.

Useful websites

The Family Services Directory aims to provide information on all services in Redbridge for children, young people and families.

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