2010 Election results for Mayfield ward

Election Date: May 6, 2010
Electorate (Number of registered voters in ward): 9796
Ballot Papers Issued: 6223
Rejected Ballot Papers: 51
Turnout (%): 63.53

Duly Elected:

Athwal, Jas (Labour), Flint, Kay (Labour), Parkash, Ayodhiya (Labour)

Candidate Party Votes Elected?
Athwal, Jas Labour 3100 Yes
Aylen, Dennis John Conservative 1732 No
Boulton, Robert Kelvin Liberal Democrats 900 No
Filtness, Leonard Sidney Liberal Democrats 702 No
Flint, Kay Labour 2850 Yes
Miah, Hilal Respect - The Unity Coalition 417 No
Parkash, Ayodhiya Labour 2857 Yes
Patel, Surendra Conservative 1771 No
Phull, Renu Conservative 1555 No
Redshaw, Hazel Edna Liberal Democrats 614 No
Rouf, Anhar Respect - The Unity Coalition 428 No
Shayeb, Baharul Alam Respect - The Unity Coalition 437 No

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