Redbridge Council is made up of:

  • Labour Party hold 36 seats
  • Conservatives hold 24 seats
  • Liberal Democrat party hold 3 seats

The Labour Party has overall control of Redbridge Council.

Ward surgeriesCouncillors and MP's

Ward surgeries are held in various locations throughout the Borough. At these surgeries you can ask your local Councillor about issues concerning your local area. 

Find out which councillor holds a surgery in your area

What is the difference between a Councillor and MP?

A councillor represents a ward on their respective council. 

An MP represents the whole constituency at Westminster. An MP debates and votes at Westminster on legislation concerning national and international issues – such as climate change, defence, law & order, economic policy, and health.

Who is my GLA representative?

The current Assembly Member representing the Havering & Redbridge constituency is: Keith Prince (Conservative) whose details can be found on the London website.

City Hall
The Queen's Walk
London SE1 2AA

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