All petitions sent or presented to the Council will receive an acknowledgement within seven working days of receipt and within fourteen working days you will be advised how your petition will be processed. 

The e-petition organiser must provide

  • his/her name, postal address and e-mail address
  • a time frame for how long the e-petition should be open for signatures. 

To ‘sign’ an e-petition

Signatories will be asked to provide their name, postcode and e-mail address.  When this information is submitted, an e-mail will be generated to the e-mail address provided.  This will include a link that must be clicked on in order to confirm that the e-mail address is valid. 

Once this step is complete, the ‘signature’ will be added to the petition.  People visiting the e-petition will be able to see the names of those who have signed it but not any contact details.

Contact us

Contact: Margaret Herring

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