Redbridge i was launched in June 2007.

The website has continued to develop and become more and more innovative, interactive and engaging to our residents and users.

We did not set out to simply improve our web presence. Instead we wanted to explore what the opportunities presented by the amazing tools invented by:

  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • eBay
  • MySpace
  • Google Maps

and many others, could mean for the public sector.

Redbridge i version 3 launched on 19 November 2010

Find out more about the latest changes to Redbridge i and how we are making sure we provide our residents with all the best online tools and feature.

We think we have made a good start in implementing some of the discoveries with we have launched as we can afford them, and as the site’s citizen base expands.  

We’re not claiming to have all the answers or to have made full use of all that’s available yet, but believe we are well on our way.

We are keen to hear what you the users think about how Redbridge i meets your needs as residents as users now and how the site could be further improved. 

Please tell us what you think - participate in our online discussion forums