Do you need planning permission?

Please ensure that you definitely need planning permission by checking our "Do I need Planning Permission?" page first. 

If your alteration is not included on our permitted development page then it is likely that you will need Planning permission.  It's important to remember that the work you wish to carry out may need permission from our Building Control department. Please visit their webpages or contact them for more information: What is Building Control?


Pre-application advice

For more complex developments, you are recommended to engage in pre-application advice discussions prior to submission to avoid any delay in your application being validated or determined.


Certificate of Lawfulness

If you wish to have a formal decision from the council stating that you don't need Planning permission or if you know the work you want carry out or existing work/use is permitted development, doesn't require planning permission, then you should apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

Apply for planning permission 

You can apply directly to the council or online via the Planning Portal.  No matter which way you choose, once submitted they go through the same process and will take the same amount of time to determine.

If you know you need Planning Permission but unsure as to which forms you need please look at our planning application types webpage which outlines when each form is used.

Your planning application may need: 

Notice for applicants creating additional floor space

Regardless of applying through us or the Planning Portal; if your proposal involves the creation of additional floor space over 100 metres square or an additional dwelling then you may be liable to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). 

To enable the Council to assess this, please complete the form below and submit it with your planning application.

Determining whether a Development may be CIL liable (PDF 50kb).

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