Green Business Redbridge

Are you an organisation in Redbridge?

You can apply for Green Business Certification and get free energy saving and green business support as part of the Green Business Redbridge Scheme.

For more information, visit the Green Business Redbridge page, email or contact the Environment Team.

Quick tips on greening your business

Becoming a ‘green business’ can help you save money through reduced bills and make money through an improved environmental reputation. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Save energy in your organisation

According to the Carbon Trust, “a 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.”

Find out how to save energy and reduce your bills.

2. Green purchasingReduce your waste

From the food you purchase to the contractors you employ, every decision has the potential to influence the overall sustainability of your business. 

Green purchasing can increase efficiency and save you money too.

Learn how to make greener purchasing choices.

3. Greener travel

Reducing the number of fleet movements or deliveries not only cuts your CO2 emissions: it also increases efficiency and reduces your fuel bill. Encouraging staff to walk or cycle can also increase productivity through improved health.

Staff campaigns are a great way to inspire more sustainable travel.  Find out how your organisation could get involved in the annual Walk to Work Week at the Living Streets website or National Bike Week.

For more tips on how to travel more sustainably in everyday life, visit our Greener Travel page.

4. Write an Environmental Policy

An Environmental Policy is your opportunity to commit to a more environmentally-conscious and efficient way of working. Show current and potential customers that you are considering the environmental impact of your business - large organisations will expect evidence of this in the tender process. 

How to write an environmental policy

5. Save water in your organisation

London is already a water-stressed area and, with the threat of climate change and a growing population, saving water is becoming more important.

Learn how to save water in your workplace.

6. Building or renovating?

Sustainable building design can improve staff productivity and reduce energy bills through features such as increased natural light and ventilation.

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