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Flytipped rubbish

Flytipping is rubbish that is dumped illegally onto the street, alleyways or on any private or public land in Redbridge.

The Council has a duty to remove fly tipped rubbish from public land but is not obliged to clear flytipping from privately owned land.

Our Street Scene Enforcement team use wireless CCTV in strategic areas to assist in dentifying people committing enviro-crime.  The cameras are placed in hot-spot areas to aid enforcement action and then moved on to another area to tackle similar issues.

Any person(s) or business caught doing this may be prosecuted. If you have any information on people or businesses that you know are flytipping, then you can report them to us.

The team will then investigate it and where possible, take appropriate action. 

If I report flytipping will you need my details?

We take reports of flytipping very seriously, as it is a crime. Each incident is investigated so do not be tempted to flytip your rubbish. 

However, you may report flytipping anonymously but if you do leave your details you can be confident that they will not be disclosed to anyone.

Flytipping prevention

  • please take your rubbish to your local Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • if you are unable to transport rubbish yourself then please contact the Customer Contact Centre as we may be able to help.

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