This camera shows the water level in the River Roding. To refresh the image Press F5 or reload your internet browser.

Latest web cam image from the River Roding

Please note that from time to time the camera could experience technical difficulties and therefore may appear not to be working.  The cameras can also move and point in different directions.  If the camera isn't working as expected, we do apologise, however our operators will be aware and working to rectify any problems.

Monitoring of the River Roding

This gauge and data provided by the Environment Agency are used to assess the risk of flooding. 

In normal conditions the river will be below the 1m mark on the gauge. 

After moderate rainfall upstream the river is likely to rise up to 1.5m.

After heavy rainfall the river can be expected to rise above 1.7m.  Levels in excess of 2m are rare with the last being February 2009.   At these levels the Borough’s Multi Agency Flood Plan will be activated at the appropriate level in consultation with the Environment Agency.

More information on flooding

For more information on flooding, including emergency contact numbers and receiving flood alerts, please visit our pages on flooding.  You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out the latest on any emergency updates.

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