Sunday 3 August


12 noon to 1pm

Event description

Parade and service of remembrance.

Redbridge will be holding a Drumhead service to mark the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.Drumhead Parade

  • 11.45 am Union flag is flying above Town Hall.
  • 12.00 noon Parade steps off with Standard Bearers, 217 SQN and Contingents. Parade to halt at Town Hall.
  • 12.05 pm Parade Commander orders the parade to right turn, facing the Town Hall. Standard Bearers ordered to fall out and place standards across the drums. Parade Commander orders the parade to open order, left dress. Standard bearers by the dais.
  • 12.15 pm Reverend Richard Whyber: A prayer for those who have served: Last Post and Reveille: Speeches from Multi-Faith leaders
  • 12.45 pm Parade is brought into close order. Parade Commander requests permission from the Mayor to march off. Standard Bearers take post at the head of the parade and the parade turns right and marches to Town Hall Car Park via Oakfield Road. 

For those who are unsure what a Drumhead Service is, it is a church service conducted "in the field" during armed conflict, often near the battlefront.

Lacking a church to attend, the military command would use its drums, piled neatly and draped with appropriate colours (national or regimental flags, for example) to create an altar. Remembering, in much of the Western World, military chaplains or padres were expected to conduct non-denominational or multi-denominational services to the troops, the drumhead altar was a "generic" altar, suited to its military purpose.


Town Hall steps
Redbridge Town Hall
128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD

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