Redbridge Museum Ice Age Ilford exhibition

Ice Age Ilford: An exhibition  

Tuesday 27 October - Saturday 4 June 2016

This major exhibition by Redbridge Museum brings to life the lost world of the mammoths.

Over 200,000 years ago, Ilford was home to mammoths, rhinoceros, giant deer, wild cattle and even lions.

Hundreds of their fossilised bones were unearthed in Ilford 150 years ago and are now in the collections of the Natural History Museum and the British Geological Survey. In this special exhibition some of these prehistoric bones are returning home for a brief visit.

Come and explore Ilford's Ice Age, find out why animals became extinct and learn about the Victorian fossil hunters who made these astonishing discoveries.

Visitors will also come face -to-face with a life-size replica of the skull of an Ilford mammoth. Prepare to be amazed!   

Marathon ManRedbridge Museum

Tuesday 29 September extended to 28 May

Redbridge resident Fauja Singh, is believed to be the oldest marathon runner in the world. Fauja ran his first marathon in 1999 aged 89 years old and finally retired from long-distance running aged 101.

In this new small display, Redbridge Museum pays tribute to this remarkable but modest local resident. Find out what made Fauja take up running so late in life and share in some of the highlights of his career.

This display features some of Fauja's awards, running gear and a specially commissioned film about Fauja's life.


Redbridge and the First World War book  Redbridge Museum

Redbridge Museum has launched a brand new book about the impacts of the First World War on Redbridge. The book is fully illustrated and feature extensive new research not previously published. Copies can be purchased from Redbridge Museum and most Redbridge libraries, price £4.95. Alternatively copies can be purchased online here for £6.99 (includes postage & packaging) 



Redbridge Residents - Can You Help With Our Summer Exhibition?

During the Summer, Valentines Mansion will be commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare with a special exhibition. Redbridge residents are invited to participate in 'Shakespeare in Redbridge' by lending material – photographs or programmes of Shakespeare performances in the borough, Shakespeare memorabilia, or special volumes of texts – for display at Valentines Mansion during August. Please contact Valentines Mansion on 020 8708 8100 if you have anything suitable.


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