The Fairlop Ring Redbridge Museum display

12 July - 31 December 2016

Redbridge Museum is the first to display a beautiful 17th century gold ring, which was lost in a Fairlop field for 400 years. This small display explores how the ring was discovered and sheds new light on what life was like for Redbridge residents in the 1600s.




India's Gateway: Gujarat, Mumbai & Britain Redbridge Museum

18 October 2016 - 28 January 2017

India's Gateway is a stunning new exhibition that weaves together photographs, words and film to explore the fascinating history of Gujarat, Britain and Redbridge - a story that stretches back hundreds of years. This touring exhibition is based around new photography and film by renowned photographer Tim Smith and material from Redbridge Museum's collections.


Redbridge and the First World War book  Redbridge Museum

Redbridge Museum has launched a brand new book about the impacts of the First World War on Redbridge. The book is fully illustrated and feature extensive new research not previously published. Copies can be purchased from Redbridge Museum and most Redbridge libraries, price £4.95. Alternatively purchase Redbridge and the First World War online here for £6.99 (includes postage & packaging). 


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