The Redbridge Community Police Team (RCPT), have responsibility for the patrolling of Redbridge's Parks and Open Spaces. Additionally the team take part in partnership operations, focused on licensing and anti-social behaviour issues.

The team

The Redbridge Community Police Team consists of 12 constables, two sergeants and are managed by an Inspector. The team have access to additional resources, working closely with the Special Constabulary and Redbridge Council's Enforcement Teams.

Contacting the team

If you want to speak to the team about an issue in a park prior to these visits, please contact:

Joint tasking

The Council hosts weekly meetings with the Police, Vision Trust - Redbridge Culture and Leisure and the Council's Community Safety Service. To jointly set patrols and task the team, based on up-to-date information and intelligence about emerging issues or hotspots.

Work in parks

The team patrol Redbridge's parks and open spaces, providing a visible policing presence seven days a week. They work closely with Vision Trust - Redbridge Culture and Leisure, Park Keepers and staff. The team will also work with parks user groups and Friends of the Park organisations along with other stake holders.

Twelve of the Boroughs larger parks have been allocated a member of the team, who will act as a single point of contact for park keepers and park user groups, in the same manner as Safer Neighbourhood teams.

Parks Visits

The Redbridge Community Police Team once again visited parks during August and September, giving users the opportunity to engage with them and voice their concerns. The officers also provided crime prevention advice and dealt with any incidents that arose in their allocated parks. There will be more park visits in the Summer 2016. Although there are no visit dates in the near future, the Redbridge Community Police Team carry out regular patrols in all Redbridge parks.

Licensing and ASB issues

As well as patrolling the parks, the team carry out joint partnership activities with the Council's Enforcement Teams. The team deal with anti-social behaviour, licensing, trading standards and streetscene issues. The team will work until 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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