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Redbridge has one of the most advanced Council CCTV systems in the country. Helping to keep residents and visitors safe.

Our state of the art recording and editing facilities were put to full use during 2011’s London riots with our team helping to quickly identify rioters.  Our work was hailed as some of the best in London by the Police and led to a Police Commendation for the CCTV team.

CCTV working in Redbridge

Our CCTV control room links up more than 250 cameras across Redbridge and over the past three years has assisted or led to more than 2,700 arrests.

  • Our control room is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Staff work directly with the Police
  • High-quality footage allows us to identify and help arrest those who commit crime.
  • We monitor Town Centre security radios so we can respond to Police and business’s requests for assistance.
  • We also use CCTV to assist investigations into anti-social behaviour and envirocrime such as flytipping, graffiti and flyposting.
  • View our CCTV cameras online to get live traffic updates in the Borough.

Busting the myths around CCTV

We know some people can feel uneasy about CCTV, we have responded to some of the most common concerns below:

"The Council uses CCTV to spy on us"

We want to improve safety in the Borough, not to invade the privacy of residents. The CCTV system is registered with the Information Commissioners Office; we comply with a strict Code of Practice and are governed by the Data Protection Act and Privacy Laws. Our Codes of Practice are currently being updated to reflect legislative changes and will be published by Summer 2015.

"The Council only wants to bring in CCTV for parking enforcement"

Over the past three years CCTV has helped with thousands of arrests with our team working in partnership with the Police and other groups such as Pubwatch.
Only a small percentage of CCTV cameras are used for traffic enforcement.

"The Council needs CCTV because there is a lot of street crime in the Borough"

This is not true.  The Council uses CCTV not just as a way of gathering evidence for crimes that have taken place but it can also put off criminals coming into the Borough and reassure residents and visitors. If you want to find out what steps you can take to help avoid crime you can find advice on the Metropolitan Police Website.

Where is Redbridge's CCTV?

The Council CCTV control room is based at Ley Street Depot. We have extensive camera coverage in:

  • the Borough’s town centres
  • car parks and libraries 
  • Hainault Business Park (Number Plate Recognition cameras from January 2014) 
  • We connect into the CCTV systems at Ilford British Rail Station, The Exchange Shopping Centre and TfL cameras across the Borough.
  • We can also send our coverage to Ilford Police Station and Police Central Command in Bow.

Mobile CCTV

We have a number of CCTV cameras that can be relocated and are used across the Borough and our mobile CCTV van has ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology, this is regularly used in joint operations with Redbridge Police.

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