• when applying for housing you must complete an online registration form.
  • Once you have been accepted onto the Housing Register, you can bid for any suitable properties that are advertised.
  • If you are already registered for housing, and your circumstances change, please complete the online registration form to notify the Housing service of the changes.  

Before starting your online application, please carefully read A guide to online registration (PDF 77KB)

If you don’t have access to a computer you can use a computer free of charge at most Redbridge libraries Free Internet and computer access

Demand for housing in Redbridge

Demand for social housing in the borough is very high and many more people want social housing than the number of homes that become available. Being registered does not mean you will be successful in bidding and waiting times are lengthy. View the housing waiting times information page.

In April 2014 there were around 7800 households on the Housing Register, and around 400 lettings are made each year. Alternative advice can be found in the Chances of being housed - online policy advice document (PDF 80KB)    
Who can apply for social housing and join the Housing Register?

The rules on joining the Housing Register have changed. On 25 February 2014 a new Housing Allocations Policy (PDF 402KB) was introduced .

For new applicants:

  • You must be 16 years of age or over
  • You must be eligible to join the register
  • You must be considered a qualifying person

If your application is successful you can join the Housing Register. You will be required to renew your application each year. If you don’t renew it your application will be cancelled.

Who is ineligible to join the Housing Register?

Some households are not able to join the Housing Register:

  • If you have no recourse to public funds
  • Some European nationals who are not working
  • Some British citizens who have returned to the UK after living abroad for more than 2 years

Do I qualify to join the Housing Register?*

You will qualify to join the Housing Register if:

  • You are considered suitable to be a tenant
  • You are not living in temporary accommodation in Redbridge provided by another Council Housing Department
  • You have lived in Redbridge for 2 years or more at the point of application*
  • You have a housing need or reasonable preference

*This does not apply: if you are

  • currently a serving member of the armed forces or have left the armed forces in the last 5 years
  • if you are applying for Sheltered Housing only; or if you have been placed by Redbridge Housing service in temporary accommodation outside of Redbridge.
  • Please view A guide to online registration (PDF 77KB) 

For full details about how the Housing Service decides if you can join the Housing Register please view the Housing Allocation Policy (PDF 402KB)

What happens after you register?

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to:

  • provide documents to confirm your circumstances within seven days, document list to confirm housing circumstances (PDF 35KB) 
  • Bring your documents to the: Housing Advice Centre, 17-23 Clements Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1AG. The Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, 1pm to 4pm on Wednesdays.  

The Housing service will aim to complete the assessment of your application within 28 days. You may be contacted to provide further information about your circumstances.

If you are successful with your registration, you will then be entitled to bid for a property based on your priority level.

Bidding and finding properties

Once you are registered you will then be able to search and apply (bid) for properties. Find out more about the bidding process and where to find properties.

Housing allocations

To find out more about how we allocate properties please read our Housing Allocation Policy (PDF 402KB).

How do I qualify for sheltered accommodation?

If you are over 55 and are interested in applying for warden controlled housing (sheltered housing) please see the sheltered accommodation page for further information and application details.

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