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Older Persons Freedom Pass eligibility review

London Councils has carried out a review of Older Persons Freedom Passes. They wrote to all Freedom Pass holders who were believed to have moved from their listed address. A total of 21,000 Freedom Pass holders failed to respond. These Freedom Passes will now be stopped from 3 February 2014.

Read more about the Older Persons Freedom Pass review on our eligibility review page.

Page updated at 17:00 - Friday 31 January.

Both the Older Persons Freedom Pass, and the Disabled Persons Freedom Pass enable you to travel for free, within the Freedom Pass boundary, on London's public transport.

All Older Pass holders and most Disabled Pass holders can also travel for free on local bus services anywhere in England between 9.30am and 11pm.

Redbridge Council pays for your Freedom Pass. 

Best way to contact us

Using one of the following contacts:

Contact details for: The Older Persons Freedom Pass

Contact details for: The Disabled Persons Freedom Pass  

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