The council recognises and accepts the rights of Gypsies and Travellers toPicture of a caravan live a nomadic way of life and recognises Gypsies as a racial group.

The council also recognises Government Circulars/guidelines and its statutory duties with regard to Gypsy and Traveller families.

Traveller sites

The council is not able to provide traveller sites/ stopping places to meet the needs of all travellers owing to planning and resource constraints, other than the existing Northview Caravan Site, which is usually full.

Access to services

The council aims to ensure that all people in Redbridge feel they are part of an inclusive society, where all have equal access to services and other facilities. The council confirms the commitment to equal opportunities for all residents and users of services, and to continue adopting services to meet the different needs of all communities.

The council also recognises that all members of the community have the right to enjoy a quality of life that is free of harassment and offensive behaviour and is committed to use the law to tackle all forms of anti-social behaviour.

The Government issues all policies and laws with regard to travellers. These are then adopted into all council procedures.

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