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Admission arrangements

Loxford School Trust is a large school for students aged three to 19.

The primary school is an new expansion of Loxford School Trust. Both primary and secondary school education is provided from two purpose-built buildings on the same site. The school caters for children aged three to 11.

Primary Admission Arrangements 2015-16

Secondary Admission Arrangements 2015-16

Primary Admission Arrangements 2016-17

Secondary Admission Arrangements 2016-17

Sixth form Admission Arrangements and Application form 2016-17

Primary Admission Arrangements 2017-18

Secondary Admission Arrangements 2017-18

Sixth form Admission Arrangements and Application form 2017-18

Useful school information

Loxford School Trust Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives people the right to request information held by public authorities.

The school is a public authority in its own right, this means they are responsible for answering any requests made to the school for information they hold. Depending on the information you want, you may be asked to contact the school directly.

The following links are requests made under FOI that have been received by the Council about this school:

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