What is chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a highly infectious sexually transmitted infection (STI), and is the most prevalent STI in the UK.

The age group most at risk are 16 – 24 year olds.

After visiting your doctor or health centre for a test, your local Chlamydia Screening Office, if you tested positive for Chlamydia, contact will be made with you within 10 days of testing and an appointment made for you to receive treatment.   Young People Friendly

Within Redbridge, the sample is also tested for gonorrhoea. The rates of gonorrhoea infection are increasing.

NHS Redbridge PCT, therefore, feel that as they have the opportunity to test for both STIs this is a worthwhile measure to take to protect the borough’s sexually active young people.  Treatment will be arranged for you as a young person in the same way if you tested positive for Chlamydia.

For more information visit the Worthtalkingabout website or alternatively, you can speak to your local GP or pharmacist.

Getting tested for Chlamydia

How can I get tested?

All you need to do for a Chlamydia test is give a urine sample (pee in a pot). The testing is confidential and you will usually get the test results through a phone call or text message. Don't worry if you're test is positive; treatment for Chlamydia is very simple.

Where can I get tested?

In a sexual health clinic: They will give you a pot to pee in and send off the sample for you.

In a pharmacy

They will give you the pot and you can usually choose whether you want to take the test there or at home.

Home test kit

If you live in Barking, Dagenham or Redbridge you can order a kit to be sent home to you. You fill out a piece of paper and return the pack with the urine sample. Check out the Free Test website  to order your free kit.

In an outreach clinic

Sometimes you can meet people running Chlamydia tests in places like clubs and leisure centres. 

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