Shop with a to let signThe Council owns a number of commercial properties within Redbridge. 

This means that if you are looking for premises in Redbridge you may be able to get a commercial property through one of the Council's letting agents. 

There are other letting agents in Redbridge who may be able to help you.  You can find them through searching for letting agents in Redbridge on Google.

What Council owned commercial property and agricultural land is available for rent?

Our letting agents have all of the up to date information regarding Council owned commercial property and agricultural land.

What Council owned commercial property and agricultural land is currently for sale?

Currently there is no commercial property or land for sale in Redbridge.  However, when it does come up for sale we will let you know through Redbridge i and information will be put on this page. 

What if I have an issue with the Council's managing agents?

Please contact us in writing or email

Planning and Regeneration – Estates & Asset Management

London Borough of Redbridge

11th Floor rear, Lynton House

255-259 High Road

Ilford, IG1 1NN

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