Who is a carer?

If you provide help and support to a partner or spouse, child, relative, friend or neighbour who due to a disability, illness or frailty cannot manage in the community without help, then you are a carer.Carer

Many people with caring responsibilities do not identify themselves as carers.

Carers can be of any age and may or may not live with the person they care for. The care they provide can include personal care such as help with:

  • washing
  • dressing
  • going to the toilet
  • eating
  • taking medicine, and
  • help getting out and about at home and/or in the community. 

If you are a parent/carer caring for a child and need support, visit the children and families page for more information.

What support is available?

We can offer a range of services if you would like help with your caring responsibilities or need more time for yourself. These include:

  • help in the home 
  • community meals
  • day care for the cared for person
  • respite care - a break, provided in a variety of settings, including your own home
  • short stay in residential or nursing home for the cared for person
  • information on carers benefits - you may be entitled to certain financial support.

There are also a number of local, national and voluntary organisations that can provide you with information and advice (see useful websites below).

How do I get help?

If you need help and support, you are entitled to have your own assessment called a carer’s assessment. The carer's assessment is an opportunity for you to talk with someone about the help you provide as a carer and the support you need. For a carer's assessment, contact Community Care Advice Centre.

Redbridge Carers Emergency Alert Card

The carers emergency alert card helps give carers peace of mind in knowing that there will be alternative support provided to the person they care for in the event of an unplanned emergency such as a family crisis or accident.

The card identifies you as a carer and stores information on your needs, the person you care for and contact details of family and friends who can help.

Anyone caring for an adult (18 and over) can apply for an emergency alert card.

Key things you can do as a carer

  • recognise yourself as being a carer
  • remember that you are not alone
  • tell Redbridge Council - we can help make your caring role easier to cope with.
  • If you are working, let you employer know about your caring responsibilities
  • look after yourself - to be a successful carer yo need to look after yourself as well as the cared for person
  • talk to someone - there are support groups who have people in or have gone through a similar situation to yours
  • don't miss out on the benefits you are entitled to

Useful websites

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