Proposal to expand the current Section 75 agreement between LBR and NELFT

Nationally, there are a growing number of issues relating to the long term management of Adult Social Services which is increasingly focusing on the NHS and Local Authorities working closer together in a more joined up way.

The following consultation document outlines the proposal to expand the current Section 75 agreement between the London Borough of Redbridge (LBR) and the North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), as work begins to develop a new Integrated Health and Adult Social Care Service in Redbridge.

A Section 75 agreement is essentially a legal agreement allowing public sector organisations to develop partnership arrangements to provide joint services locally, with one organisation as the host.

View the Section 75 Consultation for more information including details on how to respond (PDF 386KB).

Care costs cap delayed

Care and Support Minister Alistair Burt has announced that the implementation of the cap on care costs will be delayed until 2020.

In response to concerns expressed by the Local Government Association (LGA) and many other stakeholders about the timetable for implementing the cap on care costs in April 2016, the government has decided to delay its implementation until 2020.

The delay will allow time to be taken to ensure that everyone is ready to introduce the new system and to look at what more can be done to support people with the costs of care.

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Fourth local account published

Adult Social Services has published its fourth local account to share information about the work it does, how it is performing and what they and others believe need to be done in the future to improve services.

As part of the Government’s initiative to make local services accountable to local people, Council’s are now responsible for making their own improvements and sharing this work with their local community. It is hoped that this local account builds on the conversation that Adult Social Services continues to have with its residents.

Care Act - care and support is changing

The Care Act is the single largest change to health and social care policy in over 60 years, as it changes the way social care services are delivered.

The Care Act is built around people’s needs and what they want to achieve in their lives. It seeks to re-balance the focus of care and support towards promoting wellbeing and preventing or delaying needs, putting people at the heart of the system.

If you are already using adult social care services, there will be no automatic changes to your support. You are most likely to notice changes in the way we work with you at your review or if your needs change (whichever comes first).

The Council already provides a lot of support that is mentioned in the Care Act e.g. providing information and advice to people and supporting carers. We will be using the national guidance to make sure that our ways of working fully meet the new duties. In particular, carers, people who fund their own care and people with new care and support needs will experience different support in line with the Care Act.

Redbridge Autism Plan 2012-15 is being updated

The Department of Health (DH) has published 'Think Autism', an update to the Adults with Autism Strategy for England: Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives (2010) in line with duties set out in the Autism Act 2009.

In Redbridge we plan to update our existing Adults with Autism Plan during 2014/15 in the light of the priorities in the national strategy and will do this through the Redbridge Adults with Autism Working Group which has proved to be an effective process for the local implementation of the National Autism Strategy and associated activities to date.

Autism Alert Card available

An Autism Alert Card is available to any Redbridge resident who has an autistic spectrum condition.

The card, which is the size of a credit card can be carried at all times and used in situations where you cannot easily give an explanation about your condition. It will also assist the police and other emergency services to identify that they are dealing with someone who has autism.

The card will carry the logos of the Redbridge Disability Consortium, Centre for Independent and Inclusive Living Redbridge (CiiLR) and Redbridge Council so they will be easily identifiable to the emergency services.

How Redbridge is supporting people with dementia

Redbridge Adult Social Services was asked to participate in a film to show how the council is supporting people with dementia and giving residents choice and control in an extra care sheltered environment or in the community.

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