As a result of the Care Act 2014, if you provide unpaid care and support to an adult friend or family member, you may be eligible for support from the Council.Carer

Who is a carer?

If you provide unpaid care or support to an adult friend or family member (over the age of 18), who is ill, frail, disabled, or has mental health or substance misuse problems, you are classified as a carer.

‘Caring’ for someone covers lots of different things, including:

  • personal care such as washing, dressing, support with eating or taking medication
  • practical care, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking the person to regular appointments
  • emotional support if the person is lonely, worried or gets upset

About a carer’s assessment

To find out if you are eligible for any support from the Council, you will need to complete a carer’s assessment to help decide what support you need and how much help the Council can provide.

After the assessment

How to request an assessment

For a carer’s assessment, contact the Community Care Advice Centre.

Redbridge Carer’s Emergency Alert Card

The carers emergency alert card helps give carers peace of mind in knowing that there will be alternative support provided to the person they care for in the event of an unplanned emergency such as a family crisis or accident.

The card identifies you as a carer and stores information on your needs, the person you care for and contact details of family and friends who can help.

Anyone caring for an adult (18 and over) can apply for an emergency alert card.

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